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Workshop Chapecó

Trucks Control is committed to the excellence of its services and also in quality of care provided to its clients. With that thought in mind, in May of 2012 a direct an event of direct relationship with the clients was held.

This event happened in the Workshop of Chapecó – SC and its main goal was to narrow the relationship between the company and the clients of that region. In an informal environment, it was possible to get closer of the needs of each client and think about solutions to attend them in a personalized way.

For the Director of Subsidiaries, Fernando Marques, opportunities like this widen the company’s horizon and offers sufficiently important materials for the making of strategically decisions and the choosing of more adequate ways of offering the best service to Truck Control’s clients.

“For 2013, we hope to hold events like this one in other regions of the country and therefore, be able to get closer to the needs of our clients and partners. So that we can always offer the best service with the highest quality”, completes the director.

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